This podcast helps moms, dads, and caregivers navigate the challenges of parenting kids who struggle with anxiety, anger, and other mental health challenges. We equip parents and caregivers with strategies and tools to confidently parent & support their children and set them up for a successful future.

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Season 4: Ep. 4 Practice vs. Perfection: What's Clear & What's Less Important

What’s clearer: Practice is a way to make progress not to become perfect.What’s less important: Is being perfect or even trying to appear perfect to others.Resources15...

Season 4: Ep. 3 What's Clear and What's Less Important Around Competition

In this episode, Susan discusses the anxiety and challenges that competition brings.Resources15 Signs of Childhood Anxiety - FREE pdf5-Day Parenting Challenge**DISCLAI...

Season 4: Ep. 2 - Parenting Clarity Around Worries

Susan offers her thoughts on what is clearer to her and what is less important to her around parenting worries.Resources15 Signs of Childhood Anxiety - FREE pdf5-Day P...

Season 4: Ep. 1 - What's Clearer and What's Less Important

2024 marks a new year and new direction for the Parent Matters Podcast.  Moving forward, Susan will take a look at issues and things that matter to parents in this day...

5 Strategies for Successful Homework Time

Homework time can often be a challenging experience for both parents and children. Susan explores five effective strategies that can help make homework time a breeze. 

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