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Families Dealing with Feelings: How to Handle SUICIDAL IDEATION

Susan sits down with Carly Schrimpl, LCSW, to talk about dealing with suicidal ideation and shares some ways to prepare yourself and help kids, both elementary and Jr....

Families Dealing with Feelings: How to Handle SADNESS

Susan continues the Families Dealing with Feelings series by tackling the emotion of Sadness.Books Mentioned in the Show:Inside OutWhen Sadness Is At Your DoorLINKS fo...

Families Dealing with Feelings: How to Handle GRIEF

Susan continues the Families Dealing with Feelings series by tackling the emotion of Grief.LINKS for Show:FREE GUIDE: 15 Signs of Childhood Anxiety - Click here!FREE 5...

Families Dealing with Feelings: How to Handle ANGER

Susan shares tips for parents and caregivers on how to navigate an emotion we all have: Anger.Books Mentioned in the Show:Grumpy MonkeyThe Rabbit ListenedLINKS for Sho...

Tips For Raising Secure Children

Susan sits down with Dr. Neil Boris, a member of the Leadership Team at Circle of Security International, to share the best tips for parents to know about raising secu...

Tips for Managing Long Weekend and Holiday Break Expectations

Susan and Keri Sawyer talk about tips for managing long weekend and long holiday break expectations.

Tackling Mom-Anxiety

Susan talks about the struggles of mom-anxiety and shares practical ways to help you navigate life as a mom.

What to Do When Your Child Doesn't Want Your Affection

Susan answers your questions on parenting and what to do when your child doesn't want your affection.

When to Consider Seeking Service for Your Child from a Psychiatrist

Susan and Dr. Elizabeth Bernardino talk about when to consider seeking services for your child from a psychiatrist.

Discussing Video Game Hygiene

Susan and Carly talk about home life and video game hygiene.

3 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Summer

Susan shares how you can ease the transition to a summer schedule for your child.

Parenting with Both Brain and Body

Susan and Bonnie discuss the importance of the connection between the brain and body.

Movement Practices for Mental Health

Susan and Elizabeth Hickman discuss how Rhythmic Movement Therapy (RMT) can develop the nervous system, how RMT is unique to other therapies, and how it works with nat...

5 Practical Ways to Help A Child Regulate

Susan sits down with Tracy Turner-Bumberry, Therapist and founder of Seva Counseling in Georgia​. They go over 5 practical ways to help a child regulate their emotions.

How Play Helps Children's Brains Develop

Susan and Leonor Stjepic discuss how the Montessori Method uses “Freedom Within a Framework” to help children develop confidence and independence.

How to Help Your Child Transition to Life After a Pandemic

Susan and Karen dive into Gestalt psychology, the importance of a strong sense of self, how children process grief and much more.

"Worry Wishing Trail" Book by Susan Stutzman & Illustrator Angie Golden

Susan and Angie discuss their book, Worry Wishing Trail, the illustration process, how children's books can be used for therapy, and much more.

5 Things Parents Need to Know About Adolescent Substance Abuse

Susan and Richard Capriola discuss a list of topics around adolescent substance. Here are a few of the points they touch on: the most popular types of drugs being for...

How to Know When Your Child Needs a Neuropsychological Evaluation for ADHD

Dr. Sandy Kruse shares her wisdom regarding ADHD in children, ADHD testing, and indicators to look for if you think your child might have ADHD.

How Therapy Can Help Childhood ADHD

Dr. Lauren Smith defines ADHD, discusses co-occurring issues, different therapy options and more.

How to Co-Parent Through a Divorce - Divorce Series: Part 2

In the second of a 2-part series, Carly and Susan discuss how to co-parent through a divorce.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Divorce - Divorce Series: Part 1

In the first of a 2-part series, Carly and Susan talk about how to explain divorce and separation to children.

Supporting Your Child for Successful Social Engagement: Childhood ADHD Series - Part 3

Jon and Susan conclude the series with subjects ranging from topic maintenance and the importance of eye contact, to social awareness and self regulation.

Supporting Your Child for Successful Academic Engagement: Childhood ADHD Series - Part 2

Jon Caes outlines how he helps children with ADHD improve academically. Jon covers several tips from teaching children to view their ADHD as a strength, to targeting ...

Cultivating Relationships at Home: Childhood ADHD Series Part 1

Susan and Jon explore strategies that can reduce ADHD related stressors in the home and strengthen family relationships.

Parent Matters Podcast - Introduction

Join Susan Stutzman, Child Therapist and Founder of Kid Matters Counseling, as she tackles parenting challenges and helps to equip parents with tools to confidently pa...

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